I am a mom who tells it like it is, grammar and publishing errors and all.

Like many bloggers, I want to have a voice. A voice that may help others, or I could just be part of the sound that carries out into our universe. I am a newbie native living in southern Seattle. I have 3 children, all girls and I am a step-parent to one of them. I went from working full-time for the Tech Giant Apple, to a stay at home parent in the last year. I found that it is challenging to keep your identity, not only in a blended family but after leaving a career that helped define who you were. I created “Find Mommy” to take you on the journey of how I find new ways to contribute to my family of five and how we balance ourselves after going from two incomes to one. You will embark on the expedition to figuring out and managing our finances to save while also paying off debt.

This is a place to share my view on what it’s like to be a stay at home parent. It’s also an outlet for creative writing.screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-18-52-26.



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  1. muda says:

    Am so generous guya

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  2. Find Mommy says:

    Thanks for visiting my page!

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