I forgot to set this post for Freestyle Poetry Monday.

Religion has always been a conflict I battled with majority of my late teen and adult-hood life. This Freestyle is part of that conflict and if it causes controversy with some of you please just keep the comments in an environment conducive to learning rather than just judging.


Religion needs to be rewritten

Sinners follow the crowd to church only to Fit in

Praying to a false Gods image

Your heart isn’t good or pure

but pure evil

I cant stand to be apart of a hypocritical people

Voices shouting out for world peace

But you cast judgement on those who love differently

Your members running out on killing sprees

When you’re down on your knees

What do you truly pray for?

You get one blessing but feel entitled for more

No true deed

Putting money in a passing pot only to enable the Greed

 There’s a difference between you and me

I don’t need a title or validation

My Higher power accepts all the beautiful creations

Your creator created a sinful nation

But you don’t blame him

You beg for forgiveness until you stop breathing

You’re promised a fiery hell where no one hears you screaming

So lets rewrite Religion

Stop these priests from hurting our children

Quit keeping our true selves in-prisoned

Don’t judge, just listen

Teach and show Real love and stop the division

                                Thanks for reading Freestyle Poetry Monday (Wednesday)!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. deep insight👌
    Brilliantly written👌👏


    1. Find Mommy says:

      Thank you and also for reading it*

      Liked by 1 person

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