Short Story Sunday: A Man’s Job

Reflagging on Findmommy

Expressions in Story

“A man’s job is to fight for his woman.”

Jinx could remembered his father saying as he stumbled into Jinx’s little league dugout, another man’s blood on his button up and every eye from the metal bleachers focused on them.

“Why did you do that?” Jinx asked him, he couldn’t understand why his father punched the man and kept punching him, over and over again.

“A man’s job is to fight for his woman,” his father said and dragged Jinx from the dugout to their BMW.

He remembered his father’s words again at family barbecues, the beach and even his own birthday party.
He also remembered it from the other side of the glass and through the metal corded phone connected to the concrete wall; during visiting hours.

He took those words to heart, but he didn’t think they meant what his father thought they did. Every man who so much as…

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